White Activated Carbon Filter Kettle

White Activated Carbon Filter Kettle


Activated carbon filter kettle allows you to enjoy fresh water at any time.

Capacity: 100 oz
Filter element: Activated Carbon
Filter replacement cycle: 4 weeks

Multi-layer filtration: Multi-layer filter element design, including activated carbon layer, microporous layer, etc., effectively improves the filtration effect and ensures the quality of every drop of water.

Large-capacity design: It has a large-capacity water tank to meet the drinking water needs of 1-2 people throughout the day. Convenient and practical, reducing frequent kettle filling times.

Long-lasting filter element: The filter element replacement cycle is 4 weeks, which is more durable than traditional filter elements, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring long-lasting filtration effects.

Food-grade material: Made of food-grade safety material, harmless and odorless, so you can feel safe with every drop of water.

Multi-scenario application: suitable for home, office, outdoor activities, sports and other occasions.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 12 in



100 oz


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