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What is a filter kettle?

A filter pitcher is a portable container with a built-in filtration system that helps purify water and provide fresher drinking water.

How does a filter kettle work?

A filter pitcher contains a filter element that removes impurities, odors, colors, and microorganisms from the water. These filtration systems include activated carbon and fiber filters to ensure clean, safe drinking water.

What type of water source is the filter kettle suitable for?

The water filter jug is suitable for tap water, rivers, lakes and other natural water sources.

Does the filter element of the filter kettle need to be replaced regularly?

Yes, regular filter replacement is key to ensuring your filtered pitcher continues to work efficiently. It is recommended to replace the filter element every 4 weeks.

Can filter kettles remove odors and tastes from water?

Yes, filtered kettles are generally designed to remove odors and flavors from water, making it fresher and more pleasant.

Are filter kettles suitable for hot water?

Water filter jugs are not recommended for hot water use. Hot water can affect filter performance and shorten the life of the filter element.

Can filter bottles be used during outdoor activities?

Yes, filtered water bottles are great for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and hiking. They provide you with a convenient source of drinking water without having to rely on bottled water or other devices.