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Home Kitchen Filter Kettle with Sturdy Handle

The sturdy handle design makes it more convenient for you to use and ensures the stability of use.

Why do you need a
filtered kettle?

The main function of the filter kettle is to remove impurities, odors, microorganisms and other substances in the water, and improve the quality and taste of drinking water.

135 Oz Large Capacity Filtered Kettle

Efficient filtration technology and convenient design provide you with fresh, pure water.

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Our advantage


Multi-layer filtration technology

The use of multi-layer filtration technology, especially including activated carbon filter elements and microporous filter layers, can more comprehensively remove odors, microorganisms and other impurities from the water.


Long lasting filter element

The filter element replacement cycle is up to 4 weeks, reducing the trouble of frequent filter element replacement. This also helps reduce usage costs and provides a more convenient user experience.


Food grade material

Made of food-grade safety materials, harmless and odorless. No harmful substances will be released into the water, ensuring the safety of users' drinking water.

What type of water source is
the filter kettle suitable for?

The water filter jug is suitable for tap water, rivers, lakes and other natural water sources.

118 Oz Quadruple Filter Kettle

The quadruple filtration process ensures that the drinking water is carefully treated to keep the water fresh and pure.